Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Why Make Floor Plans?

I'm curious to know more about the homes of my ancestors. Are they still standing? What did they look like, inside and out? How many bedrooms did they have? In large families how many kids slept in a single bedroom? I might eventually find answers to some of these questions, but I can make sure that genealogists who come after me have more information at their disposal.

I wish I had more photographs of the interior of the house where I grew up. Naturally, I have some, but they are more about the people than the place. As I no longer have access to the house (and live hours away anyway) acquiring photographs is currently out of the question. What I can do is to draw up a simple floor plan.

Since I lived there, a bedroom and dormer window were added in what used to be the attic. Here's the basic floor plan I drew up. Nothing is to scale because I can't go back and measure, but it provides an idea of what the house was like. It's not much, but it might answer some of my descendant's questions about where I lived over the years. Now I just need to draw up some more of these for other places I have lived and my grandma's house.

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