Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Newspapers Online at the KPL

Several additional Kalamazoo area newspapers have now been digitized and can be searched at the Kalamazoo Public Library website (click here to go directly to the search page). They are listed under Miscellaneous Kalamazoo Publications. While I cannot personally verify that all issues are in the database, given the limited run of these papers I would be surprised if they weren't. The following papers are now available for perusal.

Kalamazoo Advocate:               Dec. 30, 1921 to Jun. 30, 1922

Kalamazoo Evening News:        Apr. 1, 1898 to Mar. 20, 1900

Kalamazoo Evening Press:        Feb. 9, 1909 to May 13, 1911

Kalamazoo Star:                       Oct. 9, 1921 to Dec. 31, 1921

The People:                              Mar. 7, 1918 to Jun. 8, 1922

Trench & Camp (Fort Custer):   Oct. 22, 1917 to Nov. 14, 1918

Publication dates come from the KPL website.

I want to thank the Kalamazoo Public Library for all they do. In this age of belt-tightening the fact that they continue to devote staff and money to promoting Kalamazoo history (and making it available online) speaks to their commitment to the community.

*Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the library. I'm just a fan.


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  2. Thank you for this information. It has been extremely helpful in my researching of the Kalamazoo branch of my family tree. Still looking for me "problem child" (She just disappeared after 1880 and is listed as deceased in the 1900 census.) But I did find many refrences to other members of the family. Love the Blog!

    Joelle K. Beebe

    1. Joelle, If you think she may have died in Kalamazoo there are a few places you can check. www.kalamazoogenealogy.org has digitized death records. Start in the index and look there first. If she's not there you could also see if she might be buried in Riverside cemetery. The Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society webpage has a PDF of Riverside burials. In a couple of cases that is the only record I have indicating when a person died.

    2. Thanks for the info I will check the cemetery. I've visited the Kalamazoogeneology site before. They only show records of Bertha's birth in 1873. But, it did show us a previously unkown sibling. Who died shortly after birth. (2 months old)
      :) Thanks again!