Monday, July 22, 2013

Kazoo's Gianunzio Pens WWII Memoir

Anthony Gianunzio, longtime composition and creative writing teacher in the Portage high schools (and occasionally at KVCC), has just published a book describing his experiences in World War II. That said, it is more than simply a WWII story. Tony often had the 8 pm to midnight watch on the fantail of the Coast Guard's USS Machias. During those still, peaceful hours when one is already prone to daydreaming it is easy to see how a thoughtful, young man could wax philosophic about his place in the universe. After all, the Pacific is a big place and Japanese ships and subs couldn't be everywhere. Mesmerized by the ship's wake and with endless stars for a canopy, how could one not think big thoughts?

The Last Romantic War is a series of these reminiscences. Just as Tony would sit on the depth charge rack with his thoughts drifting home the book weaves his time on the Machias with his impressions of growing up in America as the son of Italian immigrants. One moment he is in his hometown of Iron Mountain, Michigan hoping to play big league baseball, the next he is escorting troop ships to the south Pacific.

The Last Romantic War: A Blind Date With History follows Tony as he and his shipmates transform from idealistic boys (some more so than others) into men.

Warning: shameless plug ahead. If you're interested in reading Tony's book you can purchase it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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