Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Really? Weird Ways to Die.

In 1886 in Michigan there were 350 deaths listed as “casualty.” The listed causes were:

Accidental, unclassified, 125
Accidentally poisoned, 8
Accidental shooting, 20
Boiler explosion, 6
Chewing black jack gum, 1
Crushed under [train]cars, 1
Explosion of gas, 2
Explosion of powder, 1
Falling, unspecified, 28
Fall from toboggan slide, 1
Fall on icy door step, 1
Fall from scaffold, 9
Falling off hay stack, 1
Falling down stairs, 4
Falling off stone, 2
Found in a well, 2
Fracture of neck, 1
Gored by a bull, 3
Injury to spine, 1
Kicked by a horse, 21
Killed in car shop, 1
Killed by dynamite, 1
Killed on elevator, 1
Killed by explosion, 2
Killed by a gate, 1
Killed by machinery, 5
Killed in a mill, 5
Killed in a mine, 34
Killed by a mule, 1
Killed with pitchfork, 1
Killed in ship yard, 2
Killed on tug, 1
Killed in woods, 21
Runaway [horse] accident, 27
Strained by heavy lifting, 1
Struck on head with stump pry, 1
Swallowed something, 1
Thrown from binder, 1
Thrown from a horse, 4
Timber fell on him, 1

I don't really have any comments on this. I just thought it was interesting.  I hope you think so as well.

This information comes from the Twentieth Annual Report Relating to the Registry and Return of Births, Marriages and Deaths in Michigan for the Year 1886. 1888. Thorp & Godfrey, State Printers and Binders. Lansing.

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